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Grass Roots Change

Robert Seth Price
Robert Seth Priceís experiences include teaching at the K-12 and university levels. He offers full day and multi-day trainings on domestic and international stages. He designs and facilitates professional development trainings with whole school districts, individual schools, hospitals, and non-profit organizations.

Robert understands the power of lived stories. He uses the studentís and participantís voices as part of his integration. He incorporates technology, social media, art, and music into his trainings. He understands networking; system development; grass roots project development; progressive education implementation; and facilitating professional leadership development.

Robert collaborating with the Thinking Schools Ethiopia project in Tigray Ethiopia (2015). The Tigray project includeds 37 model schools in 12 Woredas in collaboration with Tigray Development Association and administered by Initiative Africa for a Girl’s Empowerment Whole School Change grant from SIDA (Swedish Development Agency).

What I Do

  • Teach the teacher
  • Train the trainer
  • Teach visual tools for organizing thinking
  • Encourage questioning for inquiry
  • Develop collaborative processes for exploration
  • Create a pro-active critical thinking environment


  • Is an expert with visual tools
  • Offers tailor made trainings for organizations
  • Possesses strong writing and critical thinking skills
  • Understands and implements grass roots initiatives
  • Can fully engage an audience of any size
  • Produces achievable and sustainable outcomes
  • Is a proven effective trainer and educator

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References from Collaborations

Contact Robert for Professional Development

Robert collaborating with National Urban Alliance (NUA) CEO Yvette Jackson on training for NUA national consultants.

Professional collaborations include: Initiative Africa, Tigray Development Association; Thinking Foundation; LEAP, New Haven; Thinking Schools International; Designs for Thinking; ; Addis Ababa Education Bureau (Ethiopia); National Urban Alliance (video above with NUA CEO Yvette Jackson); St. Paul's Medical College and Hospital Addis Ababa; Morino Institute; Connecticut Voices for Children; Graustein Memorial Fund; Successful Teachers - Accelerated Learning; more...

Developing Thinking Environments
Thinking Environments, a professional development model, is an awareness, understanding and a process focused upon the design, interface and impact with the environment of the physical learning space. An awareness with 'intentionality'. The environment is ‘The Third Teacher’ where we focus on designing the physical space with the ‘Frame of the Child’ as a root understanding. The ‘in the eyes of the child’ respects and understands the child’s frame of reference in regards to how children see, sense, use and interface within the environment. And how the teacher is intentional with their choices, decisions and actions. The teacher’s decisions:

  • with intentionality — impact the classroom and school’s environment.
  • are crucial to the quality outcomes of the children and youth’s learning experiences and how they model the children.
  • become a model to how students learn to consider using their environment: in school, home and the greater community.

• Download the handbook front matter
• Contact Robert for professional development

Equality in Education
The Ethiopia project provides perspective on my thinking with equality in education. The Thinking Schools Ethiopia (TSE) approach is a systems approach that builds whole school (and organization) capacity from the inside out developing a foundation that is reflective, sustainable, collaborative and replicable. TSE is part of a greater global collaboration that supports multi-directional development. Multi-directional development is the belief system and model that all people recognize and honor their own capacity for supporting one another globally: ideas and innovation originate within and across ALL places globally. The Thinking Schools Ethiopia training uses research based thinking methods that are life long problem solving skills for school, in life and with work.
Download chapter on TSE Project from forthcoming Corwin Press (2014) book

Robert collaborating with the Thinking Schools Ethiopia project in Southern Nations (SNNPRS).

Having worked closely with Robert Price for nearly three years, I can say uncategorically that it was a delight and privilege! Robert brings enthusiasm, energy, intellect, and artistry to all he does.
Linda Robinson, Principal Seattle Public Schools

I have loved working with and getting to know Bob Price. He has been very generous in sharing his gifts with me. I will ever be challenged to "walk the talk" when I think about Bob and his work with teachers and students!.
Stefanie Rome, Senior Manager of 5E Training, UChicago Impact

Robert is an exceptional teacher. He is aware of what students are doing and attentive to how students are thinking. Any single behavior of a teacher can convey important message to students. Every time I observed his demonstration lessons, I was awestruck with how he decides whom he asks a question and how he responds to student’s body languages.
Hiromi Pingry Teacher, John Stanford International School, Seattle Public Schools

Read more reflections on Robert

Ato Dilamo Ottore – Head of Addis Ababa Education Bureau speaks about Thinking Schools Ethiopia (2014). Video is in Amharic with English subtitles. If you don’t see the subtitles click on the cc icon to activate the subtitles.

Education & NGO Collaborations
Thinking Foundation
For the past seven years Robert has collaborated with Thinking Foundation founder David Hyerle (developer of Thinking Maps). His roles as Global Network Development Officer include collaboratively visioning and implementing the Thinking Foundations mission and goals; on-site action research support; internet + website development and implementation; case studies development; documentation with video and 2D design; video editing, film producing, handbook and guides development, writing, professional development; more.

Ethiopia Ministry of Education Strategy Center faciltated by Robert Seth Price and Dagim Melese.

Recent Collaborations

United States
National Urban Alliance •
New  York  City,  NY  1997 – current
Senior Consultant and Mentor including whole district projects currently with Elizabeth Public Schools in New Jersey and Osseo School District in Minneapolis, Minnesota. View short video clips from the June 2017 trainings in Osseo School District.

Thinking Schools Ethiopia Blog

Blog established by Robert Seth Price in 2009
Contributors: Atsede Tsehayou & Dagim Melese

Recent Posts

Thinking Design Healthcare Ethiopia
Mekelle University Health Sciences
St. Paul's Millenium Hospital and College
2015 – current
blog link about St. Paul's
Thinking Design is a systems approach that uses practical research based methods to assure a healthy organization that supports and grows effective communication with and between leadership and the whole organization. It uses tools that thoughtfully and effectively communicate ideas within and outside organization to create collaborations.

BSR Foundation •
Feb 2017 – current
Writing critical thinking skills and methods into curriculum for textile workers in East Africa.

United States
Learning 1to1 Foundation •
Columbia; Miami, FL
Feb 2016 – current
Pedagogy based school change organization. Writing curriculum for high school that supports students being autonomous learners, and educators leaders of autonomy. Paolo Friere rooted philosophical groundings with origins in South America and currently includes USA collaborations.

Reflective Observations

Robert Price is an amazing teacher and an incredibly effective and innovative educator. He brings the talents of a master educator as well as the skills of a designer and entrepreneur to a project, making sure that along with great results there are an equally well executed collaborative process and documentation.
Andrea Schorr, Alameda Point Collective, Gates Foundation, Morino Institute

Robert has been exceptionally instrumental starting from the design to all training for the Thinking Schools Ethiopia project in Tigray [2014-present]. On my part I have never seen a trainer who is as physically and emotionally involved, both heart and mind, as Robert.
Dr. Taddele Hagos, Tigray Development Association Executive Director

Developing presentations with Robert is an inspiring, intellectually challenging, and joyful experience. He has great skill at sniffing out the connections among disparate ideas. He spreads his enthusiasm and quest for discovery to all he meets through his playful, exploratory approach.
Nazz Hosseini, Recording Artist - Sound Path, Gestalt Therapist

Robert is energetic, vibrant, carefully observing trainer. It is not that difficult to understand theory and have conceptual grasp of things but it is a whole different thing to animate and change them into life consistently and in a disciplined manner. What is formidable about Robert is the rooted nature of his energies, efforts, visions, and other qualities in his personal care, love, heart and mind. Since what he does is deep rooted in what he is as a person it is only natural that he is the way he is. His impact is always with me. And I am always thankful and grateful to have ever known him.
Dagim Melese - Co-Lead Country Trainer
Thinking Schools Ethiopia

Read more reflections on Robert

Principals from 33 Ethiopian government schools reflect on Thinking Schools training facilitated by Robert and his Ethiopian Thinking Schools colleagues Atsede Tsehayou and Dagim Melese. The training was part of a All Children Read initiative funded by USAID and administered by Initiative Africa.

Recent Publications by Robert Seth Price

Thinking Schools Ethiopia
Tigray Development Association
& Initiative Africa
For the past six years Robert has been collaborating with the visioning, development and implementation of the Thinking Schools Ethiopia project in Eastern Africa with a focus on quality education for all. Beginning as a grass roots effort there is now an extensive pilot project in collaboration with Tigray Development Association, Initiative Africa, Thinking Schools International / Ethiopia and Thinking Foundation. The Tigray collaboration includes 36 model laboratory schools with 3 model schools each in 12 different Woredas (municipalities) including 2 primary and 1 secondary in each Woreda. Whole school training of the laboratory model schools includes:

  • leadership training
  • regular professional development for ALL teachers and school staff with a goal of mastery
  • trainer of trainers model
  • univerisity collaboration for accreditation and action research
  • student centered and participant centered approach

The Thinking Schools approach includes:

  • visual mapping - the use of visual tools to organize thinking. (e.g. Thinking Maps)
  • collaborative networking - community building methods (e.g. Augusto Boal); collaborative learning; collegial coaching
  • reflective questioning - high quality questioning and listening skills (e.g. shared inquiry, questioning for inquiry)
  • designing a thinking environment - considering how the physical space is organized, resources are used, and people interact with space
  • developing dispositions - characteristics, dispositions, and Habits of Mind are engaged
  • action research - ongoing assessment and documentation

The student centered Thinking Schools appoaches provide a foundation for the writing, reading, math, science, arts, and across all disciplines.

Robert facilitating professional development with educators in Hossana, Ethiopia.

Other projects in Ethiopia include with Addis Ababa Education Bureau, SNNPRS Education Bureau, St. Paul's Millenium Hospital and Medical College, Mekelle University Health Sciences, collaboration for critical thinking with female textile workers. Supporters and collaborators of this project include Initiative Africa; SIDA; Tigray Development Association; Thinking Foundation; Thinking Maps Inc.; UNESCO; Sennheiser; Eminence Social Entrepreneurs and others.


Student Voices Actively
Participating in the Process

Student Voice Projects
Robert has developed and collaborated with many student centered projects at all levels including Elementary, Secondary, Pre-K, and University.
Read more and see video clips

Documentary Film Producer
HeArt Project Documentary Film
The HeArt Project,
an out of school program that creatively links teenagers attending alternative high schools work with professional artists in workshops, public presentations, residencies, and scholarships. Directed & filmied by Robert Price with filming and editing by Charles Jones.

Minds of Mississippi
Robert is a co-producer for Minds of Mississippi (2013), a Thinking Foundation funded documentary film.

The story captures the efforts of the educators and community improving the achievement levels of their students through a focus on thinking, and becoming the top performing school district in the state of Mississippi which they continue to sustain today even after the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina. Robert also conceptualized, designed and was the co-author of accompanying film handbook to initiate change with whole school communities. Minds of Mississippi on the Thinking Foundation website:
• Download the Minds of Mississippi Handbook

Project Documentation
Current examples of project documentation include action research, use of video, reflective print material, case study examples, and more.

click here or on above poster for full size

The Roosevelt Union Free School District project with Thinking Foundation I documented was with interviews of teachers, students, district leadership and consultants with this district wide Thinking Schools and Thinking Maps project. The documentation included video and 2D print posters and documents:

Thinking Schools International
Robert is a Global Trainer for TSI which includes projects in USA, UK, Malaysia (whole country), Brazil, South Africa, Ethiopia and others. Robert co-authored with David Hyerle the development and writing of Growing Thinking Schools Inside Out guide used in Thinking Schools International Trainings. This includes both the Thinking Schools Teachers and Facilitators guides.
Download highlights including contents & index

Robert facilitating a lesson with Thinking Maps in Kawasaki City, Japan.

In a Previous Era
Music: Robert co-owned a record label, Hot Fudge Productions, that focused on Flexible Picture Phonograph Records... (below left)

Driving: Nash Metropolitan

Below: Vintage Video Clips from Hoffer Elementary School students. To see the 'vintage' Hoffer Elementary School project based collaborations (including the video clips below) with the University of California Photography Museum that includes video, literacy, still photos and vintage animation by 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students over a five year period click here.
• Click here to watch more vintage Hoffer.
click here to see vintage Hoffer Elementary online at the University of California Photo Museum website.

• Click here to watch more vintage Hoffer.

Addis Ababa Education Bureau Model Schools Leadership Teams Thinking Schools Ethiopia Training 16-17 June 2014

He is one of the best presenters I have ever observed. He is organized, well-prepared, and sensitive to the climate and the audience. I am impressed by his commitment to excellence, diverse work experiences, and loyalty to his employer. He is a dedicated worker/trainer/consultant.
Jacquelyn Meshelemiah
Associate Professor of Social Work
Ohio State University

Filming the Video by fifth grade students

Student documentary video

Robert Seth Price
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