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Robert Seth Price's experiences include teaching K-12 and university; understanding the power and use of story; designing and facilitating professional development in collaboration with whole schools, school systems and non-profit organizations; student voice initiatives; extensive use of technology and social media on many platforms; arts integration; project management; designing, creating and implementing publications, guides, research findings, websites; business entrepreneur in music; networking and systems strategist; grass roots project development; progressive education implementation; and facilitating leadership professional development. His skills include:

  • Energetic, dynamic, persuasive, engaging, creative and innovative;
  • Understands a systems framework;
  • Strong writing and critical thinking skills;
  • Ability to conceptualize a global market but can competently zone in on a specific market;
  • Possesses the natural ability to network with diverse groups of people;
  • Advanced computer skills in design, simulations, website design, coding, video editing, analysis;
  • Understanding and implementing grass roots initiatives;
  • Excellent people skills.

His background, approach, and abilities include visual tools, systems thinking, collaborative learning, community building, inquiry, literacy, collegial coaching, technology as a tool, media literacy, arts integration, and design. Prior to his work in media and education his entrepreneurial spirit and background includes starting a record company. He has an extensive background with innovative practices including collaborations with many talented leaders, educators and thinkers. Further information may be found on his website and on

His learning philosophy is an organization prospers when rooted with a participant centered approach supported by ongoing forums for all participants with a focus on collaborative networking throughout the whole learning community. It is important to have a multi-directional development approach. This is a belief system and model where all participants (students, educators, leaders, community) recognize their own capacity for aiding the others, locally and globally with understanding that ideas and innovation originate within + across ALL places locally and globally.

His experience as a Global Network Development person is as one who builds a critical mass of support for a given model, and then develops it as a standard in an area or region that is subject to network effects. The Global Network Development person creates and promotes the use of a particular model or method through collaborative team development, presentations, hands-on professional development, media articles, blogging, user demonstrations, recorded demonstrations, and/or the creation of sample projects. His ability to be a systems thinker while embracing and enjoying the hands-on aspects of implementation provides contextual and reflective understandings while seeing, modeling and understanding multiple frames of references.

Thinking Schools Ethiopia • 2009 – current
Thinking Schools Ethiopia includes project visioning and development, project director and professional development in Ethiopia. The model includes scaling up the project, use of photography and video, website and blog, and social media to grow the project.
Collaborations include with Addis Ababa Education Bureau, Tigray Education Bureau, SNNPR Education Bureau, UNESCO and others. Specific collaborators include with:
Initiative Africa and Kebour Ghenna (Executive Director)
Tigray Development Association and Dr. Taddele Hagos (Executive Director)
Addis Ababa Education Bureau and Ato Dilamo Ottore (Head of AAEB)

Thinking Design Healthcare Ethiopia • 2015 – current
Thinking Design is a systems approach that uses practical research based methods to assure a healthy organization supporting and growing effective communication with and between leadership and the whole organization. It uses tools that thoughtfully communicate ideas within and outside the organization creating collaborative advancements. It honors and understands the abilities and gifts of all members of an organization. See online collaboration with St. Paul’s Millennium Medical College and Hospital in Ethiopia.

Thinking Foundation USA • 2005 – 2016
Global Network Development Officer. Collaboration with visioning and implementation for the support of high quality academic and applied action research on cognitive and critical thinking skills development at the pre-school, K-12 and college levels. Extensive work with video, case studies, multi-media presentation development, website, professional development on cognitive processes Co-producer and writer of leadership guide for the Minds of Mississippi documentary film.

Thinking Schools Int’l Thinking Schools UK, Malaysia, Norway, South Africa • 2009 – 2016
Global Trainer. Co-author of Growing Thinking Schools Inside Out global training guide. The student centered model includes life long pedagogical approaches. My work includes professional development, material development, material design, guides, multi-media presentation, video.

National Urban Alliance, New York City, NY • 1997 – 2015
Senior Consultant including whole district projects with Birmingham Public Schools, NYC Harlem, NYC South Bronx, Indianapolis Public Schools, Seattle Public Schools, and more. Developed and piloted ‘Student Voices’ for professional development that is now a core element for National Urban Alliance. In addition to facilitating professional development with teachers and school leaders, Robert implemented distance learning models; use of video for reflective practice and documentation; website design, programming and interactive use of action research and consultant reporting; student voice.

Intensified Accelerated • NYC, NY; 1997–present
Collaboration with Augusta Mann on the conceptual development, design, and implementation of literacy/cultural presentations, website, video, and DVDs. Augusta's work is built upon the foundation of Touching the Spirit. Touching the Spirit principles utilize culture in the achievement of educational excellence for African American and other students. They are the result of years of research and direct work with teachers and students in schools across the country.

Morino Institute, Washington, D.C. • 1999 – 2001
Collaboration. Training sessions for fourteen after school housing projects programs that included:
early childhood, thinking methods, literacy, technology, and on-site visits.

Connecticut Voices for Children, New Haven, CT • 1996 – 98
Circuit Rider. Coordinated grass roots connecting of many non-profit projects statewide in Connecticut involving children and youth initiatives with a focus on student voices in regards to the needs and issues affecting them. Extensive modeling of technology integration including video, GIS mapping, visual media, communication and more. Supported by the Graustein Memorial Fund.

Classroom Teacher, Coast to Coast • 1988 – 96
Teacher. Elementary teacher in self-contained classrooms for grades 1-3 and public arts high school. Taught in Lynwood, CA, Banning, CA, Brea, CA and New Haven, CT. Includes Special Education inclusion model at all schools; school gardens; video portfolio, weekly parent sessions. His approach is a student centered project based approach with a blended focus on practical elements of learning.

University Teacher • C A + NYC 1989 – 2000
Teacher. St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY and California State University Fullerton. Classes included literacy, teacher education and Californina clear credential technology courses.

Hot Fudge Productions • Bellflower, CA 1982 – 85
Entrepreneur. Co-owner of a record label including artist collaboration, promotion manufacturing and marketing. The flexible record production was with a specially designed record press.

Formal Education
California State University, Fullerton • 1986–87; 1973–77
Teacher education elementary multiple subject credential program. California Clear Credential.
B.A. Business Administration with an emphasis in management.

Presentations at IRA, Reading Success Network, Calif. Computer User Educators, SIGGRAPHICS, California State Art Assocation, Ansel Adams Center, Tigray Development Association - Ethiopia , INDEX Denmark, Thinking Schools International UK, Japan education, St. Paul’s Millennium Medical College and Hospital Ethiopia…

Video and Film
Minds of Mississippi
Co-producer for Minds of Mississippi (2013), a Thinking Foundation funded documentary film.

Roosevelt Union Free School District (NYC area)
Documenting whole school and whole district change including interviews with students, teachers, administrators and live action in classrooms.

HeArt Project Documentary Film
The HeArt Project, an out of school program that creatively links teenagers attending alternative high schools work with professional artists in workshops, public presentations, residencies, and scholarships. Filming and directing by Robert Price with filming and editing by Charles Jones.

Thinking Schools Ethiopia
Film, edit, website and social media distribution for the Thinking Schools Ethiopia project.
Student Successes With Thinking Maps® DVD
The DVD corresponds to the Corwin Press book Student Successes with Thinking Maps®. The DVD compilation includes video clips and case studies from Pre-K, K-12, and college. Filmed, edited video, edited DVD development and programming, and designed the content.

Art Center Abroad INDEX 2005 Design Exhibition DVD, Copenhagen, Denmark
Developed the questions; interviewed the students, faculty and Index Foundation staff; video taped the sessions; and did the video editing that was used in the Art Center produced DVD.

Touching the Spirit® - Augusta Mann's Strategies for Accelerated Learning.
The video clips of students and teachers on this DVD we are provided the steps to successfully implementing Augusta's methods. Filmed, edited, DVD design. Augusta's workshops and classroom demonstration lessons focus on culturally centered practical teaching strategies to accelerate the learning of literacy skills by students who need to achieve multiple years’ growth in a short period of time. These sessions are interactive and lively and include many opportunities for questions and explanations specific to the needs of the participants.

Print Publications
Black Minds Matter co-written with Eric Cooper for Eric's Huffington Post Blog (2015)

Thinking Design (2015)
Developed programming and guide for use with schools, universities and non-profit organizations. Designed the guide.

Thinking Schools Ethiopia chapter in Pathways to Thinking Schools book (2014, Corwin Press)

Developing Thinking Environments (2013)
Developed programming and guide for use with schools, universities and non-profit organizations. Designed the guide.

Minds of Mississippi Handbook to accompany the documentary film (2013)
Wrote and designed the guide.

Growing Thinking Schools Inside Out co-written by Robert Seth Price & David Hyerle Handbook used internationally by Thinking Schools International (2011)
Co-wrote the guide, developed the working field guide, and designed the guide.

History of Banning California (1995)
Content and design for use with all schools in Banning, California.

Web Design and Implementation
Thinking Foundation

Thinking Schools Ethiopia

Designs for Thinking

I have developed and designed website work with many other non-profits and education starting from the late 1990’s including:

The Yale University Bush Center for Child Development and Social Policy
Communications - Webpage Design & Implementation

The Yale University Bush Center
Collaborating with Cynthia Savo of Cynergy Associates on web page development including visioning, use, and design.

Student Voice – media, multi-media, web
East Allen High School Student Voice Project • National Urban Alliance
Robert developed a pilot project that is now foundational with National Urban Alliance’s approach. The goal of the initiative is multiple stakeholders within the learning community are part of ongoing professional development. By understanding each other's needs and frame of reference, collaborating in a thoughtful and though provoking manner, the learning community and the greater city community benefit. Media and technology to tell a story were key to this pilot project.

Educational Center of the Arts, Arts and Activism • New Haven CT (1998)
Designed and taught Arts and Activism class at the Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven, CT, a regional public arts high school. The class developed an understanding of having a voice through discussion and various community art and projects including radio, tv, public art, and video.

Hoffer School and University of California Photo Museum (1995)
Robert taught first through third grades at Hoffer Elementary School from 1990-1995. The website is part of a five year collaboration with the University of California Museum of Photography. Website includes extensive use of language and visual arts including collage, video, pinhole photography, Holga camera, digital camera, vintage animation, sound, and more. Collaborated with Edward Earle (currently curator International Center of Photography, NY) and Debra Klochko (former director Ansel Adams Center, San Francisco and current director of The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego).

Social Media
The Thinking Schools Ethiopia project development has included social media using LinkedIn (10,000+ connections) and Facebook (5,000 connections) to develop understanding, interest and foundation support for the project. Regular updates and correspondence continues to support and build the projects potential. This is built upon the power of story and personal connections.

Cal Arts Graphic Design Department + Art Department
My collaborations have included Graphic Design Department meeting facilitation, and workshops for art and graphic design faculty at CalArts on Classroom Practices – the Art of Performance.
See case study

Otis College of Art and Design
Working with art students on teaching practices to enhance their performance , communication, and methods as teachers.

Professional Development Laboratory, New York University
Collaborated with Yvette Jackson with professional development on effectively usin data with New York City teachers, principals and parents from over twenty schools and districts. Included development and use of data they had submitted to set the stage and use of various technology tools including listservs, video, online database development, and the Internet

St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY
Instructor for classes including integrating technology; presentation software

The Yale University Bush Center for Child Development and Social Policy
Communications - Webpage Design & Implementation

The Yale University Bush Center
Collaborating with Cynthia Savo of Cynergy Associates on web page development including visioning, use, and design.

Yale Child Study - Comer School Development Program
Facilitated development with technology visioning and needs. Collaboration with Cynthia Savo (Cynergy Associates) and Edward Joyner (School Development Program director).

California State University Fullerton
University educator for the required elementary and secondary technology classes for a California Clear Credential.


Vintage Case Studies
The following Case Studies are from projects I have consulted on many years ago. The Case Studies provide insight on how I collaborate with clients, as well as a tool for me to reflect and improve my practice. The format for the Case Studies includes:

  • an Overview of the client, goals and objectives, and challenges;
  • the Action with the pedagogical strategies used and techniques implemented;
  • Outcomes looking at results, continuing results, and new ideas.

The Case Studies often include information graphics to visualize the sequence of events, and the structure of goals and implementation. Still images and video clips are also incorporated into many of the Case Studies.

View Case Studies Online
Case Studies available online, and as a downloadable Acrobat PDF files include:

  • Youth Development Collaborative for staff from over 15 community-based, youth-serving organizations in the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia

  • National Urban Alliance leadership visioning session with the key management team

  • Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource School whole school change and common understandings of curriculum in a public arts school serving a large metropolitan area

  • Designs for Thinking Tools exploration DVD to assist understanding and implementation of Thinking Maps

  • Bryant Elementary School, Seattle Public Schools whole school change focused on creating collaboration with a staff built on communication, consistent vision, and commonalities with methods

  • Cal Arts to improve overall in-class experience for teachers and students during presentations and critiques.

  • Development of Case Studies with Thinking Foundation to provide examples of funded participatory research that shares exemplary examples of innovative and successful schools. Go to the Thinking Foundation website Case Studies section.



Thinking Schools Ethiopia Tigray. Whole school with Trainer of Trainers & Leadership Model in action. Watch with subtitles of process faciltated by Robert Seth Price, Atsede Tsehayou and Dagim Melese.

Collegial Coaching with Yvette Jackson, CEO of National Urban Alliance and Robert

Thinking Design Healthcare Training with St. Paul's Millenium Medical College and Hospital faciltated by Robert and Seble Hailu

Thinking Schools Ethiopia, Hossana, Southern Nations. Thinking methods with large rural classroom.

Addis Ababa Education Bureau. Teams of 8 leaders from each of 10 model schools faciltated by Robert Seth Price, Atsede Tsehayou and Dagim Melese..

Ato Dilamo Ottore – Head of Addis Ababa Education Bureau speaks about Thinking Schools Ethiopia (2014). Video is in Amharic with English subtitles. If you don’t see the subtitles click on the cc icon to activate the subtitles.

Tigray Education Bureau. Teams of 8 leaders from each of 37 model schools held in 3 locations: Wukro, Shire, Aksum. Trainings were faciltated by Robert Seth Price, Atsede Tsehayou and Dagim Melese..

Ethiopia Ministry of Education Strategy Center faciltated by Robert Seth Price and Dagim Melese..

Addis Ababa Education Bureau Primary School.
Cheffie Primary School.

Dr. Awol Endris - UNESCO

Southern Nations (SNNPR) Education Bureau expert team at training in Yirgalem, SNNPR faciltated by Robert Seth Price, Atsede Tsehayou and Dagim Melese.

Mapping and Storyboarding the Documentary Student Video by students in small learning groups. Long Beach, California Fifth Grade at Roosevelt Elementary School.

Filming the Video by fifth grade students

Student documentary video

Hoffer Elementary School Student Film

Hoffer Elementary School Student Film

Roosevelt Union Free School District (NYC area) compilation from documentation by Robert Seth Price on the implementation of Thinking Maps and Thinking Schools district-wide. See all 39 films at:

Thinking Schools Ethiopia Addis Ababa Governement School classroom demonstration facilitated by Robert

Thinking Foundation with founder Dr. David Hyerle interviewing a teacher at Roosevelt Elementary School in Long Beach, CA. Robert edited, filmed and produced many films with Thinking Foundation.

and see more films from Thinking Schools International at:

Thinking Schools Training facilitated by Robert for principals in collaboration with Initiative Africa with a All Children Read grant funded by USAID.


How To Pedagogy: Think-Pair-Share

Dance to Denver performance by Iibada Dance Company at Marian University. Video by Robert (and his daughter is in the dance company).

Dance to Denver Still Photo slideshow edited by Robert, superb still photos by Peter Schwartz.