Who has Robert worked with?
Robert works systemically with large urban public schools and school districts on multiple year projects. His collaborations include education organizations, foundations, and non-profit organizations.
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How long does it take?
Each collaboration is different. After an initial meeting we identify key issues and discuss possible timelines for completion. Robert's goal is to coach your learning community on a sustainable working method you can continue implementing on your own. While
there is no precise amount of time for the collaboration to be effective and sustainable, we will regularly assess our work and have markers to know how our collaboration is supporting your goals.
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Can Robert work with the whole staff?
Yes. Working with the whole staff is the best path to sustainable change.

I am interested in Robert Price.
Contact Robert via email or phone for an initial conversation to explore your needs and how his skills can support your goals.
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What do I get from working with you?
By working with Robert you learn methods of teaching and learning that help your team work together. And you help your staff improve their own pedagogy.

What do people who work with you have to say?
Please go to the section on Robert's website What Others Say About Robert to read their comments.
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How does Robert's work support initiatives we currently have in place?
His work aims at providing a customized system that supports how your school thinks and functions supporting all initiatives that are currently in place. We facilitate effective communication by establishing a common visual and verbal language, deeply embed cooperative learning within the learning community, and implement the practice(s) both horizontally and vertically (systems thinking) throughout the school and organization.
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How will we know its working?
A variety of ongoing documentation will support our reflective practices and provide us feedback on what is working, and what needs a different approach. Documentation includes panels, idea platforms, videotapes, focus sheets and field notes.
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