Perry Workers
Support Families

    Brenda is social worker at Perry School.  She has been working there since April.  She loves her job, especially since she is really helping the families she works with.  These families are financially challenged and need help with basic needs.  Often she works with parents with drug addictions, which she said was the toughest problem she deals with.  Her job is to help these parents receive services.  For example, she helps place them into drug centers where they can receive assistance to get themselves off drugs.  The parents can take their children with them.

Brenda seems very happy with her job because she feels that she is helping.  It has also made her more reflective.  She has come to realize the problems that are out there.  This has made her think about her job at home, but luckily, she always thinks positively, about how she can help the people she works with.

These photos were taken by Patricia