Robert says the Darndest things.........


Recently our staff had the opportunity to interview little Robert R. the little dynamo from the Perry School's Bright Beginnings
program. Here are a few of his responses to this reporters questions.


Robert R.'s Profile
LBM (little black male)
Age 4

Favorite Food                            Pancakes and Rice

Best Friend                                 Cousin

Favorite Place                              Zoo

Favorite Animal                           Lion (Note: Robert said that he has seen a few lions at the homes of his

Favorite Book                                "Any Book"

No Pets

When questioned whether he had a job, Robert responded " I am not old enough to work."   When asked if he was allowed to cook he emphatically stated, "NO!"  but quickly responded that the first meal that he would prepare would be, "Pancakes, waffles and rice."

Robert indeed says the darndest things :)