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Web site - Ralph Bunche School in New York City
Ralph Bunche is a public school in Harlem that has been doing innovative work integrating computers and the Internet into curriculum for elementary and middle school students for some time. I like the site because it is made by students and has real student work up. They used to have an illustrated Spanish alphabet on the site. I recommend checking out the newspaper and the projects section. Ralph Bunche put a "penny toss" on their site to help teach students about statistics. The penny toss gave me a lot of ideas about how a Web site could be used to gather information from other people that could be used as part of a project. http://ralphbunche.rbs.edu/ Andrea Schorr

Newspapers Online
The University of Michigan has an excellent resource to view online newspapers from around the world. It is categorized by world regions and for the United States by state. http://ipl.sils.umich.edu/reading/news/ Robert Price

Radio Stations Online
MIT has a comprehensive list of links for radio stations around the world for your listening pleasure. They can even be accessed on 56K modems (which I use). http://wmbr.mit.edu/stations/list.html Robert Price

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