Mapping the World Far and Near

Mapquest for street maps and directions from one location to another.

National Geographic Map Machine generating maps from around the world with lots of information.

EarthRise for photos of the earth from space.

Green Map System for locating eco-resources in our community.

How far is it? - a web page that calculates the distance between cities in the United States and around the world.

MapBlast! - type in an address and this Web page will "blast" you a street map of the area.

Mapping Information
GIS Mapping - En(vision) data and information visually...a way to present and see what is and what is possible. Description and lots of links.

Visual Mapping
Inspiration Software
- Inspiration develops and supports visual thinking software for use in education and business. In addition to working with children, I've used Inspiration software with students going into teacher training at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, and in workshops for teachers and students as part of hands-on sessions for the National Urban Alliance in New York City School Districts, Indianapolis Public Schools, Dayton Public Schools and others.

Thinking Maps - David Hyerle - Lots of easy great examples of word webbing with many suggestions and excellent models. Have facilitated Thinking Maps training for the National Urban Alliance with Indianapolis Public Schools, Dayton Public Schools, and District Nine in New York School District.
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