YDC Workshop
Morino Institute

Perry Center
9 May 2000
Robert Price
Overview of the Session
9 May 2000 (Tuesday)

The Focused Field Trip

The goal of the session is to develop a focus and plan for field trips as a core element of the learning experience for children and youth. The hands-on session will work with the development of linkages and threads throughout the experience including before, during, and after the field trip.

Key elements of the day include:
Development of children and youth’s prior knowledge to support interest and understanding.
Research by counselors and youth prior, during, and after the field trip. This will include the use of Idea Books as an ongoing resource of the experience.
Developing powerful questions.
Using visual mapping, reading, writing, and technology tools to support the learning experience. Technology tools included the Internet (key websites and own local webpages), Kidpix, digital photos, and mapping software.

Please bring to the session:
Any information or ideas for field trips that are planned for the spring &/or summer sessions for children and youth with your organization.
Digital cameras if you have one.
Examples of recent successes for sharing.

Outline of the day including Pre-field trip, field trip, and post-field trip

Some Ideas and Links
Getting Started
Mapquest - great for creating a map of how we will be getting to our destination to use for pre-trip activities and for observations on the actual trip.
The D.C. public library website for some great community links.
What is the weather like...visit weather.com
Aerial Maps from USGS including aerial and topographic maps
EarthRise for photos of the earth from space.
Green Map System for locating eco-resources in our community.
More mapping ideas...

Roller Coasters - the following links are from the Roller Coaster Junkie website
Roller Coaster Database - searchable statistics on more than 450 roller coasters including height, length, number of inversions and everyone's favorite statistic - top speed.
Roller Coaster World - amusement park information, discussion boards, images, vintage, postcards and more.
American Coaster Enthusiasts - fosters and promotes the conversation, appreciation, and enjoyment of the art of the classic wooden roller coaster and the contemporary steel coaster.
Allyn Fratkin's Coaster - roller coaster facts and photos.
European Coaster Club
- news and information about the club and roller coasters all over the world.
Bang Your Head Coaster Site - pictures and information on coasters and water rides.
Coasterville - virtual park all about roller coasters, amusement parks, and rides.

The Washington Post
Z104 Radio

Maryland Department of Natural Resources including Sandy Point State Park - includes an address (Mapquest link) and an online map of the park
Another fishcam
Links to many more fishcams and other fish links
Fishtheworld.com - daily saltwater fishing reports worldwide
Port Discovery's website will be up and running soon

Museums, Zoos & Related Resources
Smithsonian Institute
National Geographic
National Zoo including photo library
More zoos and zoo links at zoos.com
Worldwide Weather's list of aquariums
Tennessee Aquariums list of links to aquariums on the web
Wax museums links listed on Yahoo
Moorland Spingarn Library at Howard University - superb museum on the history and culture of people of African descent in Africa, the Americas, and other parts of the world. Excellent online collection of images.

Invention - some great links from the National Inventors Hall of Fame site
Invention Sites
Invention Competitions and Awards
Kids Stuff Sites
Creativity Sites
African-American Inventors Sites
Hands-on Museums
On-line Exhibits

United States Tennis Association
International Tennis Federation
Women's Tennis Association

Frederick Douglas
The Life of Frederick Douglas with links to related sites
Underground Railroad Kidpix Slide Show - a group of eight and nine year-old boys at L.C.L.C. in New Haven, Connecticut shared information on local Underground Railroad activity with children from 15 other schools, most located in upstate New York.

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