How to make a Flipbook.

Make a mirage flipbook. A site devoted to making seeing mirages in flipbook form including examples to print.

Flipbooks for a Change! Andrew Davidhazy of the Imaging and Photographic Technology Department School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology provides some thoughts, ideas, and ponderings on making flipbooks.

HaringKids lesson plans for flipbooks from the Keith Haring Foundation. Includes a fun online example.

Print and flip - online example to give a go with.

IVtools flipbook galleries for some ideas to draw from.

Random Motion - animation by Ruth Hayes including flipbooks and online animations.

Thaumatrope, Zoetropes, and more...
How to make a thaumatrope.

How to make a zoetrope.

An example online of a thaumatrope.

Build your own thaumatrope with online instructions.

Making a nature thaumatrope with instructions.

Three online examples of collage thaumatropes done by third graders. Click on the small images to see the ideas in action.

Experimenting with simple animation devices.

Fliptomania has many flipbooks that are fun. Excellent examples of using Photoshop to build flipbooks.

Optical Toys is an excellent resource of optical toys and vintage animation toys.

Flipbook Animation and Other Ways to Make Your Cartoons Move by Patrick Jenkins. Great book for directions on building four classic animation machines: the thaumatrope, phenakistoscope, zoetrope and praxinoscope. Unfortunately out of print, BUT can often be located at one of the following online used book sources including: Alibris, Powell's Books, Moe's Books, Barnes and Noble (click on out of print), Borders (links with booksearch), or a local used bookstore. Patrick Jenkins has also created a video on creating animation with kids.

The Zoetrope Book by Roger Kukes is an excellent resource for making and using zoetropes. It is out of print, but I usually can find copies at the same sources listed for the Patrick Jenkins book.

Flipbook by S.H. Pierce for creating printable flipbooks. FlipBook is a patent-pending Macintosh software application that enables you to format and print moving picture flipbooks using your own QuickTime video sequences or cartoons. For more information check out a review on the software.

Media Literacy
Check out the Media Literacy pages on the eggplant.org website for ideas and links.

Animations online
Filling a fountain pen.

Phenakistascope pdf

Zoetrope pdf

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