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Jenny Holzer
Please Change Beliefs (select Jenny Holzer in index)
Holzer works in words. She has wrapped them up the rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum, stretched them across the zipper of the Newsday Building, created outdoor sculpture to stimulate debate, and plastered them to the marquees of derelict movie houses on Forty-second Street in New York. Holzer explores the use of language challenging the viewers reaction/interaction. Her methods of communication include electronic signboards, sculpture, printed messages, the web and more.

Some online student examples using video
Hoffer Elementary School -
check out the webpages on video
Educational Center for the Arts
- look into Understanding the Meaning, Installations of viewpoints

Underground Railroad Kidpix Slide Show - a group of eight and nine year-old boys at L.C.L.C. in New Haven, Connecticut shared information on local Underground Railroad activity with children from 15 other schools, most located in upstate New York.

Media Literacy
Where can you find more information? The media literacy movement is both national and international. Nationally, there are many organizations in existence that are working to promote media literacy including:

Adbusters Media Foundaion

Canadian Association of Media Education Associations

The Jesuit Communication Project

Media Launchpad

United Kingdom

The Media and Communication Studies Page

United States

The Center for Media Education

Center for Research on the Influences of Television on Children (CRITIC)

FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

Hawaii Media Literacy Page

La Plaza de Taos Telecommunity

Just Think Foundation

KQED Media Literacy

Media Education Foundation

Media Literacy Online Project

Media 2000: New Mexico Media Literacy Project On-Line

PBS Media Literacy Directory

Swinburne Media Studies Links

Taos Media Literacy Page

VidKids Media Literacy Program

The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition

Government and Public Organizations

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Japan

Federal Communications Commission(FCC)

Canada Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission(CRTC)

Australian Film Commission

Software to Go

iMac News

O'Grady's PowerBook



The Mac Observer

Mac Music

Everything Mac




Microsoft demos & betas

ZD Net

Locker Gnome

WIN98 Central

Windows & Macintosh
Audio Video Plug-ins for Windows and Macintosh


Schools / Classrooms & Districts
World Wide Web Pages

Web 66 International School Web Site Registry

The Global Schoolhouse

Links in Japan

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