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Children and Youth Projects & Websites
1East Harding High School Student Voice Project
National Urban Alliance
The Student Engagement Project is a collaboration with East Allen Community Schools and National Urban Alliance. Robert Price is facilitating the ongoing collaboration with Paul Harding High School students that is a part of the professional development collaboration between East Allen Community Schools and National Urban Alliance. The goal of the initiative is multiple stakeholders within the learning community are part of ongoing professional development. By understanding each other's needs and frame of reference, collaborating in a thoughtful and though provoking manner, the learning community and the greater city community benefit. View the project online at:

1Hoffer Elementary School
Elementary Teacher
Located in Banning, California, I taught first through third grades at Hoffer Elementary School from 1990-1995. The website is part of a five year collaboration with the University of California Museum of Photography. Website includes extensive use of language and visual arts including collage, video, pinhole photography, Holga camera, digital camera, vintage animation, sound, and more. Collaborated with Edward Earle (currently curator International Center of Photography, NY) and Debra Klochko (former director Ansel Adams Center, San Francisco and current director of The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego).

1Lincoln Bassett Elementary School
Elementary Teacher
Lincoln Bassett Elementary School is part of the New Haven Public School system in Connecticut. The student designed and created website is a collaboration with Andrea Schorr, who coordinated the LCLC Computer Center which we accessed weekly.

1Educational Center of the Arts
Communication - Youth Voice - Internet - Arts - Technology
Taught Arts and Activism classat the Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven, CT, a regional public arts high school. Designed the course with the support and collaboration of the school director Bob Parker. The class developed an understanding of having a voice through discussion and various community art and projects including radio, tv, public art, and video. See examples of the student work including projects and video clips online.

1Connecticut Forum & Student Board
Communication - Youth Voice- Internet - Arts - Technology
Collaboration on
student voice projects and Internet communication with the Connecticut Forum.

Communication - Youth Voice - Internet - Arts - Technology
Collaboration with a MetroBridge after school journalism project for Hartford, Connecticut public high schools that is housed in the Hartford Courant. The collaboration included publishing a web edition of the print paper. The work is all done by the students including writing, illustrations, and photos. Coordinated by Anne Condon, the paper is published six times each year as an insert in the Hartford Courant. Also check out The Deadline, the web version done by students of a summer
, print journalism project.

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Schools and School Districts
National Urban Alliance (NUA)

Birmingham, AL, K-5 Language Arts, Arts, Technology - April 2005 to July 2005
Initial workshops for new NUA project with the Birmingham Public School system.

Seattle, WA, K-5 Language Arts, Arts, Technology - 1999 to May 2005
Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, Washington - collaborating
with National Urban Alliance on literacy, language arts K-5, asset mapping, building capacity, linking technology, and technology communications. Collaborating with Augusta Mann on leading the K-2 Saturday sessions for 17 elementary schools. Also collaborating with the NUA management team on the Seattle/NUA Literacy Practicum is designed to build on the district’s mission is to mediate learning, kindle enthusiasm for learning on all levels, and meet the Essential Academic Learning Requirements.

Indianapolis, IN, K-12 Language Arts, Arts, Technology - 1997 to 2004
Collaboration with
National Urban Alliance on literacy, language arts K-12, asset mapping, building capacity, linking technology, technology communications, video conferencing, and GIS mapping to visualize the needs, assessment, and growth. Collaboration with Augusta Mann on leading the K-2 (1997 - present) and 3-5 (2001)Boundary sessions for the 55 elementary schools. Collaborating with Augusta Mann for site visits with thirteen of the lowest achieving schools. Site visits included modeled lessons with students, peer coaching, teacher workshops, video conferencing, and other staff development. Current work with the district includes the Leadership Academy, Teacher Boundary sessions, site visits, and the Vanguard Project.1

South Huntington, NY, K-8 Language Arts, Arts, Technology - 1997 to 2000
South Huntington School District
, Long Island, NY - working monthly with the schools on integrating technology tools in the classrooms. Collaborating with Susan Sardy (National Urban Alliance) and Jeffrey Branzburg (South Huntington). Teacher contacts include Sharon Fellner and Alice Becker.
Changing the Way Teacher's Teach - Education Week article on the use of technology in the project.1

New York City - District 9 • South Bronx - 1998 to 2000
Currently leading Saturday Staff development sessions on language arts for grade 2-3 teachers from schools in District 9. Also currently developing and leading site visits to schools in the district including modeled lessons with students, teacher workshops, and other staff development.

New York City - District 5 • Harlem - 1999
National Urban Alliance project - collaborated with Susan Sardy on district retreat on 18 & 19 June 1999. Session included parents, teachers, principals, superintendents, and the state funders.

Additional School Districts
Dayton, OH; Indian River, DE; Beacon, NY; Prince Georges County, MD.

1Carbon School District
Price, Utah - January 2003
Price goes to Price. Full day workshop with all the Carbon School District elementary teachers (approximately 110). Contact person is the superintendent David Armstrong.

1Reading Success Network
Madison, Wisconsin - August 2001
Facilitated sessions at the three day Comprehensive Center for Region VI training-of-trainers conference that was specially designed for teams composed of principal/district coordinator, reading teacher/specialist, and 2 or more K-6 classroom teachers. Participants focused on balanced literacy, data analysis, diagnosis of reading problems, prevention/intervention strategies, peer coaching, and networking.

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Foundations & Non-profit Organizations
1Morino Institute -
Washington, D.C.
Youth Development Collaborative (YDC) Partnership
Ongoing training sessions beginning in 1999 and continuing in 2000 with out of school projects. Includes staff development, website development, moderating listserv, and on-site visits (observation, demonstration lessons with children and youth, and workshops). The Youth Development Collaborative is supported by the Morino Institute.

Smithsonian Institute - Office of Education
Participated on focus group meeting to vision the direction and role of the Smithsonian Institute with the development of education projects.

1National Urban Alliance
Council of Great City Schools - Washington, D.C.
Internet development including
website, listserv, online databases, and video conferencing.

1Graustein Memorial Fund
New Haven, Connecticut - Community, Education, Communications, GIS Mapping. Technology
Working with the Graustein Memorial Fund's
Children First Initiative communities in Connecticut using technology as a tool including asset mapping, GIS mapping with support from ESRI, communication with email and listservs, and workshops in the communities. I collaborated with Nancy Leonard and Maria Mojica from the Graustein Memorial Fund

New Haven, Connecticut - Communication, Youth Voice, Internet, Arts, Technology
Website for Connecticut Voices for Children funded by the Graustein Memorial Fund. Working with youth and organizations around Connecticut creating exchange within and between using new media. Collaborated with Rose Rita Orcutt on KidsLink webpage design and content. Worked with director Shelley Geballe.

Organization Website Development
Intensified Accelerated Learning Systems
New York City, New York - 2004 - 2006
Augusta Mann and I collaborated on the conceptual development, design, and implementation of the Intensified Accelerated Learning Systems website Intensified Accelerated Systems Inc. (IASYS) is a new company—a small group of people who are dedicated to contributing to the information available to teachers, parents, and others who work with students whom our urban schools are failing to educate to any degree of excellence.

1National Urban Alliance (NUA)
National Urban Alliance New Media Development - 1999 - 2004
Website development for National Urban Alliance included co-location of server (Webstar), use of databases (Filemaker and Lasso) including online consultant reports, scheduling for consultants and school districts (Team Agenda), Listservs (consultants and school districts), forms for consultants, online video, content editing, and data collection. I facilitated and implemented video conferencing as a professional development tool between schools in the Indianapolis School District. From 2002 to January 2005 I designed, directed, and video taped and produced four DVDs as part of professional developement with and by enhance consultants, teachers, and students.

The website is currently being facilitated by Jeff Branzburg and designed by Liz Brown (including a redesign of the look) with additional NUA consultants doing content editing.

New York City, New York - March 2003 - 2005
Collaboration with designer Helen Sanematsu on the development of the Nomadocs website. Nomadocs is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to train local doctors in the practice of proven natural and traditional methodologies, including yoga, acupuncture, an Chinese herbal medicine, and to support them in developing and delivering affordable, sustainable health care in underserved communities throughout the world.

1Designs for Thinking
Lyme, New Hampshire - Summer 2002 - Present
Collaboration on the conceptual development, design, and implementation of a new interactive website for the Designs for Thinking group and their work with teachers and administrators on the use of Thinking Maps. Collaboration also includes conceptual development and implementation of new media tools in the field including video, DVD, and use of software like iMovie. Contact person is David Hyerle, the director of Designs for Thinking.

1The Yale University Bush Center for Child Development and Social Policy
Communications - Webpage Design & Implementation
School of the 21st Century

Collaborated with Cynthia Savo of Cynergy Associates on web page development including visioning, use, and design.

The Yale University Bush Center
Collaborating with Cynthia Savo of Cynergy Associates on web page development including visioning, use, and design.

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Universities, Colleges, and Higher Education
1Cal Arts
Graphic Design Department + Art Department
Valencia, California — 2004 - 2005
What They Do:
CalArts is an arts college that educates professional artists in a unique learning environment founded on the principles of artmaking excellence, experimentation, critical reflection and independent inquiry.
Our Collaboration:
My collaborations have included Graphic Design Department meeting facilitation, and workshops for art and graphic design faculty at CalArts on Classroom Practices – the Art of Performance. The workshop focus is on developing a deeper understanding of the elements with the pedagogical experience - using the resources available to you including your voice, the room, your physical presence, and the tools you bring to communicate, learn, and instruct. Workshops include demonstration lessons be me with students for faculty to observe strategies and techniques in practice. Additioinally I have facilitated department meetings for building community and communication.
Contact: Louise Sandhaus -

1Otis College of Art and Design
Los Angeles, California — 2006
What They Do:
Otis prepares diverse students of art and design to enrich our world through their creativity, their skill, and their vision
Our Collaboration:
Working with art students on teaching practices to enhance their performance , communication, and methods as teachers. The workshops focus on developing a deeper understanding of the elements with the pedagogical experience including strategies and techniques, to improve the teaching experience and outcomes for the students and themselves.
Contact: Elisheva Gross -

1Professional Development Laboratory
New York University

New York, New York.
Collaborated with Yvette Jackson on a two day hands-on training session to effectively use data with New York City teachers, principals and parents from over twenty schools and districts. Included development and use of data they had submitted to set the stage and use of various technology tools including listservs, video, online database development, and1 the WWW. Collaborated with Lauren Goldenburg from the Professional Development Laboratory to develop the website and training for using listservs.

1St. Francis College
St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY; 1998-1999
Instructor for classes including:

ED 436 Creative Use of Computers in the Classroom

Integrating Technology using Presentation Software (HyperStudio) - District 15 Middle School teachers.

Language Arts methodology in the primary classroom.
Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum - District 15 Middle School teachers.

Contact is Susan Sardy, the Dean of Education.

1The Yale University Bush Center for Child Development and Social Policy
Communications - Webpage Design & Implementation
School of the 21st Century
Collaborated with
Cynthia Savo of Cynergy Associates on web page development including visioning, use, and design.

The Yale University Bush Center
Collaborating with
Cynthia Savo of Cynergy Associates on web page development including visioning, use, and design.

1Comer School Development Program
Yale Child Study - Comer School Development Program
Assist on technology visioning and needs. Collaboration with Cynthia Savo (Cynergy Associates) and Edward Joyner (School Development Program director).

1California State University Fullerton
Fullerton, California 1990-1992
Teacher fo the required elementary and secondary technology classes for a California Clear Credential.

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