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NUA Consulting Projects Overview
National Urban Alliance (NUA)
Lake Success, New York — 1997 - July 2005
What They Do:
The mission of the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education (NUA) is to substantiate in the public schools of urban America an irrefutable belief in the capacity of all children to reach the high levels of learning and thinking demanded by our ever-changing global community. The work of NUA is focused on learning and teaching. A network of exceptionally qualified consultants around the country provide ongoing professional development activities for teachers, principals and other school personnel to improve classroom instruction. NUA consultants are practicing teachers and university faculty who emphasize instructional strategies based upon the latest research on concept and cognitive development, reasoning, thinking, and higher-order comprehension skills.
Our Collaboration:
My collaboration with National Urban Alliance has included:

  • active consultant in the field including teacher workshops, school site visits, classroom and demonstration lessons
  • new media development
  • website including initial development (1999-2003)
  • management team
  • advertisement design

Contacts: National Urban Alliance contact people include:

Birmingham Public Schools, Alabama, K-5 Language Arts, Arts, Technology - April 2005 to July 2005
Initial workshops for new NUA project with the Birmingham Public School system.

Seattle Public Schools, Washington, K-5 Language Arts, Arts, Technology - 1999 to May 2005
with National Urban Alliance on literacy, language arts for K-12 including regular Saturday teacher sessions, school site visits, principal sessions, and community development sessions.

Indianapolis, IN, K-12 Language Arts, Arts, Technology - 1997 to 2004
Collaboration with
National Urban Alliance on literacy, language arts K-12, asset mapping, building capacity, linking technology, technology communications, video conferencing, and assessment, and growth. Collaborated with Augusta Mann on leading the K-2 and 3-5 Boundary sessions for the 55 elementary schools. Additional work with the district included the Leadership Academy, Teacher Boundary sessions, site visits, and the Vanguard Project.

South Huntington, NY, K-8 Language Arts, Arts, Technology - 1997 to 2000
Collaborated monthly with the schools on integrating technology tools in the classrooms. Changing the Way Teacher's Teach - Education Week article on the use of technology in the project.

New York City - District 9 • South Bronx - 1998 to 2000
Saturday Staff development sessions on language arts for grade 2-3 teachers from schools in District 9 and site visits to schools in the district including modeled lessons with students, teacher workshops, and other staff development.

New York City - District 5 • Harlem - 1999
National Urban Alliance project - collaborated with Susan Sardy on district retreat on 18 & 19 June 1999. Session included parents, teachers, principals, superintendents, and the state funders.

WMEP - Minneapolis School Districts - 2002 to May 2005
with National Urban Alliance on literacy, language arts for K-12 including regular teacher sessions, school site visits, and community development sessions.

Additional School Districts
Dayton, OH; Indian River, DE; Beacon, NY; Prince Georges County, MD.

National Urban Alliance New Media Development - 1999 - January 2005
Website development for National Urban Alliance included co-location of server (Webstar), use of databases (Filemaker and Lasso) including online consultant reports, scheduling for consultants and school districts (Team Agenda), Listservs (consultants and school districts), forms for consultants, online video, content editing, and data collection. I facilitated and implemented video conferencing as a professional development tool between schools in the Indianapolis School District. From 2002 to January 2005 I designed, directed, and video taped and produced four DVDs as part of professional developement with and by enhance consultants, teachers, and students.

The website is currently being facilitated by Jeff Branzburg and designed by Liz Brown (including a redesign of the look) with additional NUA consultants doing content editing.

National Urban Alliance Management Team
July 2004
Collegial coaching and design of presentations for and with the Executive Director of National Urban Alliance.

January 2004
Facilitated a visioning and organizational design meeting with the key management team in San Francisco. Included use of Thinking Maps as a model of walking the talk with tools used in the field and as a means of seeing the big picture and connections.

Regular collaboration with the National Urban Alliance leadership to develop and shape direction, implementation, philosophy, and trainings in school districts and with consultants. Trainings have included induction sessions for new National Urban Alliance consultants. Collaboration on project development including presentations for new and ongoing projects.

Professional Development Laboratory
New York University

New York, New York. 2000 - 2001
Collaborated with Yvette Jackson on a two day hands-on training session to effectively use data with New York City teachers, principals and parents from over twenty schools and districts. Included development and use of data they had submitted to set the stage and use of various technology tools including listservs, video, online database development, and the WWW. Collaborated with Lauren Goldenburg from the Professional Development Laboratory

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