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Robert coaches you and your team to work better and smarter.

Think Different with Innovative Practices
Robert works with whole organizations and schools on innovative change. His hands-on approach helps you optimize resources and develop sustainable practices to strengthen your organization and the individuals in it.
After our initial exploratory meeting, we develop a clear plan with the goals and methods clearly (and visually) outlined and understood. Goals and methods that have us thinking differently and seeing the innovative path.

Robert's method focuses on creating a foundation that supports the various initiatives and practices currently in place. His innovative approaches succeed when we collaborate regularly over a period of time to successfully build capacity within the organization. My goal is develop a sustainable model that is clearly understood and implemented to support the organizations goals and success(es).

Whether working himself, and/or
with team collaborators we are:

  • a source of strategic insight and foresight
  • develop platforms for consistent development
  • an integrator across disciplines and functions/grade levels
  • a developer of leadership capability
  • a source of innovative best practices

He can:

  • implement collaborative practices
  • develop a vision and plan that is understood with buy-in throughout the organization
  • compliment and support current initiatives
  • form collaborative alliances
  • developing a reflective practice
  • provide professional development for teachers - pedagogical strategies and in class tactics
  • support and lead education and non-profit innovation
  • lead visioning sessions

His skills include:

  • hands-on implementation
  • documenting our process
  • digital media

His method(s) of working aim at a sustainable model that is built on a systems approach. The key elements that support this model are reflection and community. A brief descriptive of the three key elements - systems, reflection, community - follow:

  • Systems - implementing a sustainable model that is both horizontal and vertical in its implementation and practice;
  • Community - 1) developing common verbal and visual languages in non-profit organizations and schools, and 2) cooperative learning as a method of building the community and our practice;
  • Reflection - is an ongoing analysis of current practice(s) through synthesis and implementation

Within each of key three elements we implement methods that support our whole organization including:

Systems: to support our consistency throughout our organization, we must have an understanding of how our practice is consistent throughout the organization - both horizontally and vertically. We will often use visual tools to understand ourselves, share our thinking with colleagues, and understand the thinking of our whole organization.

Community: we will use specific methods of a visual language such as concept mapping, mind mapping, Thinking Maps, or similar ways of communicating our thinking visually. Verbally, we will develop common vocabulary to assure understanding and avoid assumptions.

Reflection: we will create coaching methods to support mutual learning throughout the organization, use idea platforms to document and reflect on our practices, and develop methods of documentation to support or understanding of how we are doing.



Thinking Schools Ethiopia Tigray. Whole school with Trainer of Trainers & Leadership Model in action. Watch with subtitles of process faciltated by Robert Seth Price, Atsede Tsehayou and Dagim Melese.

Collegial Coaching with Yvette Jackson, CEO of National Urban Alliance and Robert

Thinking Design Healthcare Training with St. Paul's Millenium Medical College and Hospital faciltated by Robert and Seble Hailu

Thinking Schools Ethiopia, Hossana, Southern Nations. Thinking methods with large rural classroom.

Addis Ababa Education Bureau. Teams of 8 leaders from each of 10 model schools faciltated by Robert Seth Price, Atsede Tsehayou and Dagim Melese..

Ato Dilamo Ottore – Head of Addis Ababa Education Bureau speaks about Thinking Schools Ethiopia (2014). Video is in Amharic with English subtitles. If you don’t see the subtitles click on the cc icon to activate the subtitles.

Tigray Education Bureau. Teams of 8 leaders from each of 37 model schools held in 3 locations: Wukro, Shire, Aksum. Trainings were faciltated by Robert Seth Price, Atsede Tsehayou and Dagim Melese..

Ethiopia Ministry of Education Strategy Center faciltated by Robert Seth Price and Dagim Melese..

Addis Ababa Education Bureau Primary School.
Cheffie Primary School.

Dr. Awol Endris - UNESCO

Southern Nations (SNNPR) Education Bureau expert team at training in Yirgalem, SNNPR faciltated by Robert Seth Price, Atsede Tsehayou and Dagim Melese.

Mapping and Storyboarding the Documentary Student Video by students in small learning groups. Long Beach, California Fifth Grade at Roosevelt Elementary School.

Filming the Video by fifth grade students

Student documentary video

Hoffer Elementary School Student Film

Hoffer Elementary School Student Film

Roosevelt Union Free School District (NYC area) compilation from documentation by Robert Seth Price on the implementation of Thinking Maps and Thinking Schools district-wide. See all 39 films at:

Thinking Schools Ethiopia Addis Ababa Governement School classroom demonstration facilitated by Robert

Thinking Foundation with founder Dr. David Hyerle interviewing a teacher at Roosevelt Elementary School in Long Beach, CA. Robert edited, filmed and produced many films with Thinking Foundation.

and see more films from Thinking Schools International at:

Thinking Schools Training facilitated by Robert for principals in collaboration with Initiative Africa with a All Children Read grant funded by USAID.


How To Pedagogy: Think-Pair-Share