Learning and Understanding
Video as a Tool

Learning to Use Video
As a tool for observation and analysis, video is a medium that accelerates our learning and understanding. Through video, thoughtful, guided review of ourselves at work can yield insights otherwise virtually impossible to analyze. Learning to use video takes regular practice, like learning to play a musical instrument. As a training tool, video is actively used in many professions including:

  • Dance: dancers watch their performances, isolating particular elements to improve upon.
  • Sports: professional athletes and teams regularly refer to video of their games to learn how they performed well, and where they might improve. 
  • Medicine: doctors and medical students use video to learn and improve procedures and techniques.

In education, teachers can view and review themselves teaching to improve their communication skills and pedagogy. In this way, video can improve our abilities as an ongoing coaching tool for teachers.

Video Stimulates Healthy Learning
If you knew a medicine would improve your health, would you use it? If you knew regular video use improves your professional skills, would you practice it? Instead of viewing video as a mysterious device or invasive tool, what if we shift our perspective and, like the professionals in the arts, sports, medicine, and other fields, we in education use video regularly for self-improvement? Being in the profession of learning, we should be the leaders in using and modeling the best tools to develop the finest ways to learn. Video is one of them.

Mastering Video’s Potential
Video learning begins by actively experimenting with the medium. Video reviewing helps you, the professional educator, pinpoint successes and important points of your lesson. Video is a medium that captures moments helping you, and others, see what is most effective.

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updated 22 February 2006