Case Studies
The following Case Studies are from projects I have consulted on in recent years. The Case Studies provide insight on how I collaborate with clients, as well as a tool for me to reflect and improve my practice. The format for the Case Studies includes:
  • an Overview of the client, goals and objectives, and challenges;
  • the Action with the pedagogical strategies used and techniques implemented;
  • Outcomes looking at results, continuing results, and new ideas.

The Case Studies often include information graphics to visualize the sequence of events, and the structure of goals and implementation. Still images and video clips are also incorporated into many of the Case Studies.

View Case Studies Online
Case Studies available online, and as a downloadable Acrobat PDF files include:

  • Youth Development Collaborative for staff from over 15 community-based, youth-serving organizations in the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia

  • National Urban Alliance leadership visioning session with the key management team

  • Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource School whole school change and common understandings of curriculum in a public arts school serving a large metropolitan area

  • Designs for Thinking Tools exploration DVD to assist understanding and implementation of Thinking Maps

  • Bryant Elementary School, Seattle Public Schools whole school change focused on creating collaboration with a staff built on communication, consistent vision, and commonalities with methods

  • Cal Arts to improve overall in-class experience for teachers and students during presentations and critiques.

  • Development of Case Studies with Thinking Foundation to provide examples of funded participatory research that shares exemplary examples of innovative and successful schools. Go to the Thinking Foundation website Case Studies section.