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Designs for Thinking

Designs for Thinking is a group of educational consultants implementing Thinking Maps
® and Software in whole learning communities, from pre-kindergarten through college.

Goals and Objectives
To use video and DVD to capture Thinking Maps in action by schools from pre-k through college in the United States and internationally. Video is used for action research to facilitate a deeper understanding and effective use of Thinking Maps.

To create a video and DVD based piece that:

  • Is captivating enough to intrigue
  • To promote understanding and use of Thinking Maps
  • Supports consultants, trainer of trainers, administration and others to effectively use the video and DVD in presentations

Pedagogical Strategies
I work with Designs for Thinking on:

  • Assessing and conceptualizing their goals with the use of video and media
  • Consulting sessions to determine what to video tape
  • Training the staff to use video in the field
  • Video taping case studies with Designs for Thinking
  • Editing video and structuring the DVD format
  • Authoring DVDs

To model how to use the video clips in workshops, we filmed David Hyerle, the creator of Thinking Maps using video clips during several of his sessions. This was then edited with the clips he was using to model how to effectively use and involve people who are viewing video clips as part of a workshop.

Learning from the hands-on development of video and the DVD have supported a deeper understanding of how to use these media tools effectively, and to consider next steps of development.

Continuing Results
The growing number of video clips showing Thinking Maps in action from a wide range of age levels and an extensive variety of locations creates many new insights of the potential of Thinking Maps, and how to better use media tools.

New Ideas
Video taping David Hyerle using the video clips that are incorporated into the DVD provide a deeper understanding of what the viewer is watching, and a much further understanding of the power of Thinking Maps.

Client Information
Designs for Thinking

Video Example
Watch a video clip from the Student Successes with Thinking Maps DVD that includes David Hyerle using and introducing the video clip at a Thinking Maps workshop:

Download Case Study
Download the Designs for Thinking Case Study as an Acrobat PDF file.

More Case Studies
Case Studies available online, and as a downloadable Acrobat PDF files include:

updated 16 February 2007