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National Urban Alliance Leadership
Strategizing and Visioning

National Urban Alliance (NUA) works with school districts providing ongoing professional development activities for teachers and administrators to improve classroom instruction, and improve school communities. The Strategizing and Visioning Session included the organizations four key leadership people.

Goals and Objectives
The goal was to discuss the NUA mission creating a structure and understand the methods and tools to make the vision happen.

Taking the time to visualize a rapidly changing organization, how others see the organization, and create a growth plan.

Pedagogical Strategies
We went through several exercises to frame a better understanding of the organization. This included:

  • Role Identification Exercises to create a clearer understanding of the organization;
  • a visual map of adjectives to describe the organization, then considering from different frames of reference;
  • brainstorming the different communities of the organization, then looking at different perspectives. This exercise expanded the discussion on interpretation and understanding of roles; and
  • using a visual map to explore the differences and similarities between external / internal strategies & the methods of implementing them.

Everyone was involved in contributions involving all four key leaders in documenting and drawing the visual map.

Using the same tools as presented and encouraged in the field modeled the value of visual representation and expanding on outside perspectives.

Continuing Results
Exposure to the visually based conceptualizing process led to expanding on the use of these tools with every consultant now becoming a Trainer of Trainer for Thinking Maps.

New Ideas
The NUA community map provided a more global view of the rapidly growing organization.

The visual map above is part of the follow-up outline from the visioning session. Click here or on the map to see the outline.

Client Information
National Urban Alliance for Effective Education

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