Robert Seth Price • Mobile Critical Thinking Tools


Collaborative Processes, Visual Tools, Frame of Reference, Questioning Models, Thinking Environments

“In our work and in our living, we must recognize that difference is a reason for celebration and growth, rather than a reason for destruction.”
—Audre Lorde

Critical Thinking Tools is the core, and grounding, of what supports and develops authentic student engagement. Student engagement is what keeps us as educators motivated in classrooms and our learning communities. This should be an environment for all students, in all schools, and in all places. Equity consciousness is grounded in belief and belonging.

Critical Thinking Guide

  • Collaborative Processes
    Collaborative Learning, Peer to Peer Coaching and Community Building Exercises.
  • Visual Tools and Mapping
    Visual Maps for brainstorming, cause/effect, compare/contrast, categories, sequencing, relationships/analogies, perspectives for expanding thinking with frames of reference.
  • Frame of Reference
    Cultural Frame of Reference, Schema, Depth and Complexity.
  • Questioning for Inquiry Models
    Powerful Questions, Guiding Questions and Socratic Method / Shared Inquiry.
  • Creating a Thinking Environment
    Belief, People, Objects and Materials.

You can download the Mobile Critical Thinking Tools guide, and additionally I would recommend the current collaborations with The Pedagogy of Confidence Leadership Action Guide as a resource. This collaboration with Yvette Jackson includes many of the models, methods and strategies within along with practical implementation modules, how to for many strategies, structures for implementation and research.

Robert’s skills include:

  • An expert with visual tools, building community, inquiry, creative approaches 
  • Developing custom trainings for whole schools, school districts and organizations. This includes on-site, virtual and hybrid.
  • Writing and critical thinking tools
  • Implementing grass roots initiatives
  • Engage audiences of any size
  • Producing achievable and sustainable outcomes

Literacy: Reading and Writing

  • Phonics Expertise
  • Vocabulary Expertise
  • Visual Mapping for writing and presentation K-12 (Thinking Maps Trainer)
  • Questioning for Inquiry (Junior Great Books Trained) K-12
  • Writing Expertise
  • Student Centered
  • Writing across the Curriculum

Media, Design, Video and Software

  • Adobe Suite & Microsoft Suite
  • Final Cut Pro • video editing
  • Webpage design & coding including HTML
  • Databases and Spreadsheets
  • Technology as a integrated tool
  • Filming and Video
  • Vintage animation
  • Social Media

Media, Design, Writing and Video Portfolio

Robert Seth Price Media, Design, Writing and Video Portfolio.
View online to the left (click on the lower left ‘expansion’ arrows to make larger) or click here to see a larger version.

University of California Photo Museum

Five year collaboration with the museum where Robert Seth Price’s class and his colleague Joya Baker’s classroom (grades 1-3) at Hoffer Elementary School in Banning, CA engaged with pinhole photography, writing, digital photography, Photoshop (initially 1.0 on small Macs), video, writing and more forms of visual media. These yearlong explorations included a multi week exhibition of their work on the main floorspace of the Photography Museum. This was an excellent example project based learning, cultural frame of reference, situating learning in the lives of students (and families). Each year for five years there was one hundred percent attendance for an opening with school buses bringing the families.

Video of CD Rom supported by Kodak and the University of California Photo Museum to develop an example of using media with students. Play and see the second and third grade students voicing their visions with pinhole cameras, vintage animation, digital cameras, video, sculpture, writing and more. 

Hot Fudge Productions

Hot Fudge Productions was a company Robert Seth Price owned with Dan Polhamus that created, manufactured and distributed Flexible Picture Phonograph Records. Located Bellflower, CA, clients included a Latvian poet, Island Records, Congressman Glenn Anderson, The American Comedy Network and others.

Composition: Danny Polhamus
Producer: Herb Jimmerson
Singer: Vi Jimmerson
Photography: Keith Nakata
Voiceover: Robert Seth Price

Island Records Christmas Promo that is a montage of the year’s hits including U2 and many others. The main track the hits weave through is Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The card was sent to Island Records clients as a Christmas card.

As the NY Times reported on July 21, 1984 ‘Members of Congress like to say their records speak for themselves. In the case of Representative Glenn M. Anderson, Democrat of California, it is a fact…. to introduce himself to some of his new constituents before the June 5 primary, Mr. Anderson made a record.’ Also view the letter (pdf) sent with the flexi record from Representative Augustus Hawkins who is also on the record.