RCSD Clifford Amplifying Student Voice May 2022

The Overview
Robert Seth Price has been a Senior Scholar for National Urban Alliance for the schools on this page. The Redwood City School District (RCSD) is in its fourth year of a collaboration with the National Urban Alliance (NUA). Through the pandemic, administrators, teachers, NUA Mentors and students have persevered and worked toward deeper implementation of The Pedagogy of Confidence and the High Operational Practices developed by Dr. Yvette Jackson. Read more on the NUA Redwood City School District blog pages here on the Redwood City Video Case Study and on the NUA Redwood City Blog web pages.

The Process
Students collaborated in small groups of 3-5 students each. Using a Circle Map they developed ideas (brainstorming) of things that are of importance to them. They used the frame of reference to expand the ideas of whom they would be including in their video. They then storyboarded their video (sequencing with a Flow Map) to develop how they will film. During this process they developed their roles:  director, videographer, interviewer(s) and any other roles needed. They then were on their own as teams to film. The whole process took 60-90 minutes for multiple groups filming concurrently. The time included debriefing the process and experience after the filming. They were shown the films to all groups later in the week.

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