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Examples of Collaborations

Video, Documentation, Film, Text

“No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you.”
—Althea Gibson

Peer to Peer Coaching is an important part of our collaborations.
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Who Am I a multi week module for developing understanding of the classroom and school community.
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The examples below include a media component with a brief caption, and weblink in multiple categories:

  • Amplifying Student Voice
  • Professional Development with Educators and Education Leaders
  • Use of Video for Learning
  • Documentation with Schools
  • As a Film Director, Videographer, Editor and Producer
  • Website Development and implementation including visioning and content development
  • Professional Development with Health Care

Amplifying Student Voice

Amplifying Student voice is a focus of their own cultural frame of reference with critical thinking tools with students acting on their potential to produce the high intellectual performances that can motivate self-directed learning, self-actualization, and self-transcendence.  

“Students must have initiative; they should not be mere imitators. They must learn to think and act for themselves, and be free.”
—Cesar Chavez

Redwood City School District, CA collaboration with Amplifying Student Voice and NUA

What is Student Voice? Short video hearing from students on their perspectives of what is student voice.

Newark Public Schools, NJ collaboration with NUA: University High School

Student Voice Social Justice explorations with High Operational Practices and school wide installations.

Professional Development with Educators and Education Leaders

Four grade 4-5 teachers at Clifford School (K-8), Redwood City School District, CA, share their reflections on the collaboration and implementation.

Four teachers are interviewed by their district coach about the collaboration with Robert Price and National Urban Alliance. 
more about the Redwood City School District, CA NUA  collaboration.

Fair Oaks Elementary, Osseo Area Schools, MN. Regular collaboration including virtual Pre-K, K-5.

Osseo school leadership share our collaborative experience.
more about the Osseo Area Schools NUA collaboration.

As a Film Director, Videographer, Editor and Producer

Video as part of the learning process has been part of Robert’s collaborations since having students (first, second and third grades) use VHS tapes to see themselves presenting. This continues since then and into the present with many of the examples on this site.

Robert Seth Price is a co-producer for The Minds of Mississippi (2013), a Thinking Foundation funded documentary film. 

The documentary captures the efforts of the educators and community improving student achievement levels through a focus on thinking, and becoming the top performing school district in Mississippi which they continue to sustain even after the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina. 

The film was directed, produced & filmed by Robert Seth Price in collaboration with filming and editing by Charles Jones.

The HeArt Project, an out of school program that creatively links teenagers attending alternative high schools work with professional artists in workshops, public presentations, residencies, and scholarships. 

Documentation with Schools

Multiple student and teacher interviews on their implementation of Pedagogy of Confidence in collaboration with National Urban Alliance.

Buffalo Public School 61 in collaboration with National Urban Alliance. Robert facilitated professional development with Augusta Mann including documenting the collaboration.
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Compilation documenting Thinking Maps implementation district wide (5′ 53″) from 39 video clips spanning Pre-K, elementary, middle school and high schools.

Roosevelt Unified School District in collaboration with Designs for Thinking and The Thinking Foundation.
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Website Development and Implementation

Pedagogy of Confidence
Website visioning with The Pedagogy of Confidence author and researcher Dr. Yvette Jackson to co-develop and co-author an interactive companion site to the book and methods. I have collaborated with the content, created the website, and field testing with the website.

The CLEAR Model
Website visioning and creation for Dr. Rev Hillstrom CLEAR Model to take the process to scale.

Documentation Websites for NUA
The purpose has been two-fold: to qualitatively document the implementation of NUA initiatives with school districts, and to create a place and platform for whole district participation. There are three examples I developed, created and incorporated many of my examples of documentation:

Professional Development with Healthcare • Ethiopia

Thinking Healthcare Ethiopia with St. Paul’s Millennium Hospital and Medical College.

Student Centered and Patient Centered Critical Thinking Healthcare Ethiopia with Mekelle University Hospital and College

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