RCSD Clifford Amplifying Student Voice April 2023

The Overview
Robert Seth Price has been a Senior Scholar for National Urban Alliance for the schools on this page. The Redwood City School District (RCSD) is in its fifth year of collaborating with the National Urban Alliance (NUA). Amplifying Student Voice is part of the NUA process with the Pedagogy of Confidence High Operational Practices. The synthesis of the NUA approach, which builds on neuroscience and culturally validating learning and teaching, is described with detail in the award-winning book, The Pedagogy of Confidence written by Dr. Yvette Jackson while she was CEO of NUA. Read more on the NUA Redwood City School District blog pages here on the Redwood City Video Case Study and on the NUA Redwood City Blog web pages. See more examples of Amplifying Student Voice here on the NUA website.

Process – 1:  Interview of students and teachers jointly discussing NUA’s impact on them personally as learners and professionally. This can be done with several students (3-5) and the teacher. An extension would be doing this in a fishbowl that then incorporates the whole class.

Process – 2:  Students created videos focused on student voice in their voice’s about opportunities and access as a learner at Clifford School. Essentially, what it means to be a learner at Clifford. 

Process – 3:  Student created survey for Clifford students focused on SEL and learning. 

Process – 4:  Students create a class slide deck / PowerPoint with one slide per student creating a statement and visual of what skills and tools they have for others to know about. This could be done as an extension of the Process – 1 above.

Shannon Cody and Students • Fourth Grade

Katrina Zak and Students • Fifth Grade

Linda Costa and Students • Third Grade

Christianne Curtis with whole class student teams • Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade Classroom with whole class student teams • Sixth Grade

Jennifer Overbey • Whole Class Creates Surveys