Robert Seth Price — Senior Scholar
National Urban Alliance (NUA)
and Buffalo Public Schools

Robert Seth Price as Senior Scholar with National Urban Alliance partnered Buffalo schools through the office of Office of Strategic Planning & Innovation.

NUA Professional Development with Buffalo City Schools included training for educators, support staff, in classroom demonstrations, instructional coaches and site-based Instructional leaders.

The Course of Study was designed around the High Operational Practices of the Pedagogy of Confidence™ providing the framework to:

  • improve classroom climate;
  • empower student self-directed learning;
  • inform culturally responsive teaching;
  • achieve high intellectual performance;
  • increase student engagement and motivation;
  • connect learning goals for sustainability and teacher professional growth;
  • understanding and use of common core state standards.

The video clips with interviews by Robert Seth Price provide an understanding of NUA’s collaboration with Buffalo Public School 61 Arthur O. Eve School of Distinction
Grades PK-5 through the observations and reflections of administrators, teachers and most importantly the students.

BPS 61 • Third Grade Students • Ms. Walls

“The maps helps us with teamwork and helping understand. It helps me think about what my questions are. You could use the maps for ELA or math”

BPS61 • Assistant Principal • Literacy Coach

“It is a personal relationship. With NUA there are elements of caring and trust with the mentors with NUA empathizing with the teachers and bonding relationships. This separates NUA from other partner organizations.”

BPS 61 • Kindergarden Teacher

“Through NUA we are giving the students more opportunities to explain their own thinking and be responsible for their own learning.”

BPS 61 • Kindergarten Students

“Because I am thinking in my brain we work together as a team because it makes sense.”

BPS 61 • Fourth Grade Teacher

“From peer to peer coaching and teachers collaborating it is a necessity. The techniques from National Urban Alliance we’ve gained with the payout you get from observing high quality educators is magnificent. You never stop growing setting the bar high.”

BPS 61 • Fourth Grade Students

“As a way to understand it, the maps helped us gather information. They help us writing an essay with putting it in sequence and writing a summary.”

BPS 61 • Pre K Teachers

“NUA helped me make it more interactive with the kids, and engaging. With the younger ones getting them more engaged.”

BPS 61 • Second Grade Teacher

“National Urban Alliance is a wonderful organization with personal growth as well. NUA came in the first day with such a positive attitude and willing to come into the classrooms and model with students.”

BPS 61 • Violin Teacher

“National Urban Alliance collaboration with school 61 includes lot training techniques, strategies and encouragement.”

BPS 61 • Fourth Grade Student, Fourth Grade Teacher, NUA Mentor

“We are able to have a concrete understanding for a broader understanding and fluency with a culture centered whole brain approach to see patterns.”

BPS 61 • Kindergarten Teacher

“With NUA mentor Ms. Mann helping children who would not learn the conventional way. As a teacher has me looking at things differently which is kind of exciting and moves forward faster. Contact those people at NUA.”

BPS 61 • Building Substitute, Co-Teacher

“National Urban Alliance is with the students so they can collaborate and gives the student a great sense of ownership and a sense of responsibility.”

BPS 61 • Second Grade Teacher

“The National Urban Alliance with ideas giving me an opportunity of differentiating instruction.”