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Robert Seth Price’s collaborations with equity consciousness using critical thinking tools include visual tools, inquiry, frame of reference, collaborative processes and creating a critical thinking environment. His student centered and participant centered approach is important with all his collaborations. 

The National Urban Alliance for Effective Education (NUA) – Senior Scholar

  • Facilitate professional development for whole districts (on-site at schools and through Zoom)
  • Focus on equity consciousness, critical thinking, visual tools, collaborative models, and literacy across all content areas with PreK, K-5, middle school and high school students
  • Developed and implement Amplifying Student Voice model
  • Implemented wrap around hybrid model now used with the whole organization
  • Serve as Senior Advisor to the president and management team
  • Serve as technology lead (website design and implementation; videography and editing for documentation; and social media to promote NUA)
  • Created online modules and strategies for educators
Current whole school implementations include with the Redwood School District and Osseo Area Schools. Model examples in both districts include Clifford Elementary / Middle School (RCSD) and Fair Oaks Elementary School (OAS). Both districts continue this year with 5+ whole school implementations in each district.
“Our partnership with Robert Price and the National Urban Alliance over the past three years has been pivotal in developing sustainability with the High Operational Practices that are embedded throughout our curriculum and daily routines.” (2023)
Read the complete leadership reflections on our collaboration at Fair Oaks including video
The Pedagogy of Confidence™ – Dr. Yvette Jackson, Consultant
A collaboration with Dr. Yvette Jackson developing an interactive website as a companion to The Pedagogy of Confidence. 
  • Create online modules and videos used by educators
  • Developed and created the website


The CLEAR Model™ – Dr. Rev Hillstrom, Consultant

  • Collaborate with exploring ideas as a thinking partner with the founder
  • Created website
  • Created website content including video and systems modules
Touching the Spirit™ – Augusta Mann, Consultant
  • Advise the CEO on online content
  • Developed and created the website including extensive video library
  • Edit videos

Thinking Schools Ethiopia, Consultant
Founder of grass roots student centered project with over 100 schools

Demonstration with students using visual mapping, Ethiopia
SNNPRS Education Experts Training – Yirgalem, SNNPRS, Ethiopia
Professional development part of whole region 36 school initiative
The Thinking Foundation, Thinking Schools International, Dr. David Hyerle, Consultant

Indianapolis Public Schools – George Buck School 94, Teacher

  • Created and implemented a critical thinking class
  • Facilitated whole school participation in weekly sessions

Learning 1 to 1 Foundation

BSR Foundation, Consultant

  • Curated thinking skills into training modules for textile workers in East Africa
  • Led creation of Health and Respect modules including hiring Ethiopian illustrator
  • Guided the translation from English into Tigrinya and Ahmaric
  • Part of the HERProject®
  • Download Her Respect Module
  • Download Her Health Module

Youth Development Collaborative (YDC)
Morino Institute and Foundation, Consultant

  • Led trainings on critical thinking and technology for 14 non-profit agencies
  • Created video modules with a journalist and stenographer

St. Francis College Brooklyn, Adjunct Professor

  • Designed and taught class for elementary teachers on ELA in the classroom

California Institute of the Arts College (CalArts), Consultant

  • Consulted with the Art and Graphic Design Departments on pedagogy and transferring their important content to the students through facilitation, visual mapping, and communication.
  • demonstration lessons with students including content and formal critiques.


Connecticut Voices for Children, Director

  • Statewide support of non-profits state working collaboratively
  • Led sessions on technology, literacy, GIS mapping and other foci on children
  • Served as an advisor to supporting foundation board meetings

New Haven Public Schools – Public Arts High School, Teacher

  • Created and taught Arts and Activism class
  • Students amplified their voices through art installations, radio, cable tv, street theater, and other events

New Haven Public Schools – Lincoln Bassett Elementary School, Teacher

  • Taught in self-contained elementary classrooms as a credentialed teacher
  • Highlights included students raising 5K with pennies collected in the community and donating to non-profits; interviewing with community people

Banning Unified School District – Hoffer Elementary School, Teacher

  • Taught in self-contained elementary classrooms as a credentialed teacher
  • Highlights include five years of installations by students at Photography Museum

University of California Riverside Photo Museum, Consultant

  • Facilitated teacher trainings on vintage animation and video in the classroom – elementary and secondary

CD ROM:  Media with Elementary School (1989)
University of California Photography Museum
University of California, Riverside
Video of CD Rom supported by Kodak and the University of California Photo Museum to develop an example of using media with students. Play and see the second and third grade students voicing their visions with pinhole cameras, vintage animation, digital cameras, video, sculpture, writing and more. 

Ansel Adams Photo Museum, Consultant

  • Facilitated teacher trainings — Low Tech, High Tech — on vintage animation and video for students

California State University Fullerton, Adjunct Professor

  • Teacher and designer of the Clear Credential Technology Class

Brea Olinda School District – Laurel Elementary School, Teacher

  • Taught in self-contained elementary classrooms as a credentialed teacher
  • Highlights include a school garden

Lynwood Public Schools – Wilson Elementary School, Teacher

  • Taught in self-contained elementary classrooms as a credentialed teacher
  • Highlights include extensive cultural mural project

Hot Fudge Productions, Co-CEO

  • Co-founder/owner of record label including production of flexible picture records
  • Manufacturing facility
  • Select list of clients include clients a Latvian poet, Island Records, Congressman Glenn Anderson, The American Comedy Network

Composition: Danny Polhamus
Producer: Herb Jimmerson
Singer: Vi Jimmerson
Photography: Keith Nakata
Voiceover: Robert Seth Price

Island Records Christmas Promo that is a montage of the year’s hits including U2 and many others. The main track the hits weave through is Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The card was sent to Island Records clients as a Christmas card.

As the NY Times reported on July 21, 1984 ‘Members of Congress like to say their records speak for themselves. In the case of Representative Glenn M. Anderson, Democrat of California, it is a fact…. to introduce himself to some of his new constituents before the June 5 primary, Mr. Anderson made a record.’ Also view the letter (pdf) sent with the flexi record from Representative Augustus Hawkins who is also on the record.

Globe Associates, Manager, Marshall Islands in Oceania

  • Manager and sales of retail audio, music and cameras on Marshall Islands

Hot Fudge Productions and Record Company
Hot Fudge Productions was a company Robert Seth Price owned with Dan Polhamus that created, manufactured and distributed Flexible Picture Phonograph Records. Located Bellflower, CA, clients included a Latvian poet, Island Records, Congressman Glenn Anderson, The American Comedy Network and others.