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Robert Seth Price’s collaborations with equity consciousness using critical thinking tools include visual tools, inquiry, frame of reference, collaborative processes and creating a critical thinking environment. His student centered and participant centered approach is important with all his collaborations. 


The Pedagogy of Confidence Action Guide
A current collaboration with Dr. Yvette Jackson developing an interactive website as a companion to The Pedagogy of Confidence. The Action Guide is real time implementation of Yvette Jackson’s research and books on equity consciousness, High Operational Practices (HOPs) and mindfulness for High Intellectual Performances (HIPs). The action guide includes instructive video clips; modules for implementation; structures and strategies; amplifying student voice; and more.


National Urban Alliance (NUA) • Senior Scholar
As a senior scholar with National Urban Alliance I have collaborated with NUA in many ways over the past two decades including amplifying student voice; facilitating professional development in person, hybrid and virtual; visioning with founder Dr. Eric Cooper; modeling implementation of technologies. Current Projects:  Redwood City, CA; Newark, NJ; Osseo, MN; Core Management Team.
These are examples of websites I created and implemented with documentation for district collaborations, and purpose of the institutes. There are many video examples of my work and the collaborations:  Redwood City;  Newark;  Osseo; NUA Summer Institute 2021; and  NUA Summer Institute 2020.


The CLEAR Model
I am currently collaborating with Dr. Rev Hillstrom and Intercultural Innovations Inc. with visioning and the online implementation of The CLEAR Model that he has developed. The online presence includes an overview of the model in text, video and audio; specific systems tools; and other support materials for The CLEAR Model.


Touching the Spirit • Augusta Mann
I have collaborated with Augusta in many capacities for the past two decades with her Touching the Spirit research and model for accelerated learning with African American children and youth. Our collaborations include hundreds of professional development sessions; developing her website; developing the Patreon subscriber site; visioning video development; more.


Thinking Schools Ethiopia
Robert facilitated collaborations in Ethiopia with Thinking Schools Ethiopia (K-12) including collaborations in Addis Ababa, Hossana, Hawassa and SNNPR, Tigray and more. The collaborations included creating a Thinking Schools Ethiopia action guide for use in the field and a website documenting the implementation with professional development regionally and on school sites (city and rural). The website includes collaborators, video, text on the implementation and more.


The Thinking Foundation & Thinking Schools International
Founded by Thinking Maps creator David Hyerle, the focus is on research of visual tools. I collaborated with Dr. Hyerle on visioning; technology developments including for qualitative documentation; co-authored the initial Thinking Schools International guide; co-produced the Thinking Foundation backed film Minds of Mississippi including developing an educators guide.
Additionally – an earlier Thinking Foundation website I created in collaboration with David to share video documentation; current research on Thinking Maps and thinking tools; Thinking Friends for Pre-K and more.

Critical Thinking Healthcare Ethiopia
Student and Patient Centered
Collaborations in Ethiopia with multiple government hospitals (St. Paul’s Millennium Hospital and Medical College; Mekelle University Hospital and Health Sciences College) and mental health workers.  Examples include:

• Thinking Healthcare with St. Paul’s Millennium Hospital and Medical College 
•  Student Centered and Patient Centered Critical Thinking Healthcare Ethiopia with Mekelle University Hospital and College
• Connective Leadership with mental health professionals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

California Institute of the Arts College (CalArts)
Art and Graphic Design Departments
Robert collaborated with the faculty on how to better transfer their important content to the students through facilitation, visual mapping, and communication. This included professional development with both departments and demonstration lessons with students including content and formal critiques. The faculty observed students who rarely participated in discussions were actively involved. The faculty noted it is possible to elicit involvement from students. The students visually mapping the components of a critique prior to us doing a critique created a discussion on the value of visually seeing the components helped them more deeply understand the methods of critiquing. Students better understood as a result of visual mapping.

Youth Development Collaborative (YDC)
Morino Institute, Washington D.C.
Robert facilitated over a two year period monthly professional development or youth program staff from fourteen housing agencies to teaching and curriculum development strategies for technology-enriched, out-of-school learning programs. It additionally supported collaboration development with the various agencies. The YDC workshops were documented by a professional videographer, a reporter, and a stenographer.

Designs for Thinking
Designs for Thinking is a group of educational consultants implementing Thinking Maps® and Software in whole learning communities, from pre-kindergarten through college.  The Goals and Objectives were to use video and DVD to capture Thinking Maps in action by schools from pre-k through college in the United States and internationally. The video is used for action research to facilitate a deeper understanding and effective use of Thinking Maps.
Connecticut Voices for Children
Robert’s role as a circuit rider was a connector and provided insights for a policy focused non-profit for children and youth.

Elementary School Teacher
Robert worked with several school districts for ten years as an elementary school district. His teaching began after receiving a credential from the California State University, Fullerton Elementary Education program. His first position was in South Central Los Angeles with the Lynwood School District. He then taught in Brea and Banning CA school districts. His work in California was followed by teaching in the New Haven Connecticut Public School system at a James Comer partner school, Lincoln Bassett. He also taught elective courses at the New Haven Public Arts High School — Arts and Activism.

University Adjunct Professor

Robert taught in California the required clear credential course for technology in the classroom over several years at California State University, Fullerton. He also taught literacy in the elementary classroom courses at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY.


Travel has been a regular part of Robert’s experiences. He has been to 49 states, Cuba, Ethiopia, Egypt, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, French Polynesia, and more.

University of California Photo Museum
Five year collaboration with the museum where Robert Seth Price’s class and his colleague Joya Baker’s classroom (grades 1-3) at Hoffer Elementary School in Banning, CA engaged with pinhole photography, writing, digital photography, Photoshop (initially 1.0 on small Macs), video, writing and more forms of visual media. These yearlong explorations included a multi week exhibition of their work on the main floorspace of the Photography Museum. This was an excellent example project based learning, cultural frame of reference, situating learning in the lives of students (and families). Each year for five years there was one hundred percent attendance for an opening with school buses bringing the families.

Video of CD Rom supported by Kodak and the University of California Photo Museum to develop an example of using media with students. Play and see the second and third grade students voicing their visions with pinhole cameras, vintage animation, digital cameras, video, sculpture, writing and more. 

Robert Seth Price Media, Design, Writing and Video Portfolio.
View online to the left (click on the lower left ‘expansion’ arrows to make larger) or click here to see a larger version.

Hot Fudge Productions and Record Company
Hot Fudge Productions was a company Robert Seth Price owned with Dan Polhamus that created, manufactured and distributed Flexible Picture Phonograph Records. Located Bellflower, CA, clients included a Latvian poet, Island Records, Congressman Glenn Anderson, The American Comedy Network and others.

Composition: Danny Polhamus
Producer: Herb Jimmerson
Singer: Vi Jimmerson
Photography: Keith Nakata
Voiceover: Robert Seth Price

Island Records Christmas Promo that is a montage of the year’s hits including U2 and many others. The main track the hits weave through is Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The card was sent to Island Records clients as a Christmas card.

As the NY Times reported on July 21, 1984 ‘Members of Congress like to say their records speak for themselves. In the case of Representative Glenn M. Anderson, Democrat of California, it is a fact…. to introduce himself to some of his new constituents before the June 5 primary, Mr. Anderson made a record.’ Also view the letter (pdf) sent with the flexi record from Representative Augustus Hawkins who is also on the record.