Professional Development:
In-Person • Virtual • Hybrid

National Urban Alliance brings its’ effective professional development model in-person, virtual and a hybrid of both. These models support impactful professional development and responds to the current global events. For many years National Urban Alliance has built a positive reputation for NUA’s mentors always open to modeling with students in classrooms of all levels and subject areas. Years ago in the Indianapolis project distance learning was used bringing schools together, as well as a model of Amplifying Student Voice with East Allen schools. Today the National Urban Alliance models with students virtually and in person. Virtually often includes multiple classrooms together (via Zoom or similar platforms) demonstrating lessons with professional learning groups of teachers observing, and collaborating. Other recent hybrid trainings (virtual and in-person) have included with school leadership, district leadership, amplifying student voice and with school boards. To learn more how we effectively collaborate in-person, virtual and/or hybrid, please reach out to our Executive Director Stefanie C. Baker. Examples of NUA in action are below and on the following webpages:

Bridge Map and Phonics demonstration by NUA Mentor with second grade students using the Peer to Peer Observation protocol with observing educators.
What is Student Voice? Virtual collaboration with students and educators of a ongoing progressive process.
Stepping In and Priming
Awesome to see how the stages/boxes in the PFM fit together. Our teachers would love to have this presentation. Mediation and reflection are crucial components.